Contemporary London Garden

Herne Hill main

Contemporary London Garden

The clients, both busy media professionals, were renovating their kitchen when they approached us to design their garden. The property is a terraced 4 bedroom house in Herne Hill. One of our first design decisions was to fit a window at the end of the kitchen so as to frame the garden. It has the same proportions as a Cinemascope movie screen – it gives an immediate widescreen impact to the garden when you walk in through the front door.

The garden before we redesigned it was mainly lawn and some concrete paving. There was a shed which we removed, as there was ample room in the basement for garden tools. The planting was messy and incoherent.

The hard landscaping is now mainly balau decking and low rendered walls which run up and around most of the garden in a ground pattern that resembles Moorish architecture. There are also echoes of some of the internal features of the house, which helps connect the outside with the inside. These walls act as occasional seating for parties and also form one continuous raised bed.

There is a small lawn area, big enough for two people to sunbathe. The planting is non-native, mostly hardy tropicals.

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