Here are some images of a project in Milford, Surrey. At first glance you might think I just planted a green roof onto an existing building – but on this occasion I designed the complete building as well as much of the surrounding garden. The brief was to design a low-profile extension to the main house with a green roof. Access was to be both from the house as well from the garden.Milford Studio from house

Very high spec, very contemporary, partly submerged into the slope of the garden on three sides with full width glazing at one end and steps down to a mini courtyard garden entrance. From the house it will look seated in the earth, cocooned by soft landscape, clad in wood, with Bauhaus-inspired slit windows. But from the outside entrance to the rear you will see how the lightwell, the overhead glazing unit and the full width glass wall fill the interior with light. A dynamic play of contrasts.

The green roof garden is edged with pebbles and its drainage system empties rainwater into concealed guttering at the far end of the building fitted with access panels. The guttering finally releases the water down a group of steel chains suspended from the overhanging roof.

The walls are made of blockwork and clad above ground with decorative marine ply which can be cut and fixed so as to ‘skin’ the building in wood. Waterproofing will be achieved using a combination ‘inside outside’ system, which gives the most comprehensive protection.